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Date Bark

This recipe went viral in Feb/March of 2024 and once you try it, you'll understand why - it is PHENOMENAL. I originally saw this recipe made with peanut butter and chocolate but I am a huge fan of spreads. I probably have 5-7 different spreads in my pantry at all times. So naturally, I needed to make a version that had a little bit of everything. This recipe is perfect for Iftaar parties since you can make one big batch that has a little something for everyone.


Date Bark

Prep Time: 2 hours 25 minutes Cook Time: 0 minutes Yield: 6-8 servings


  • 40 dates, pitted and split in half (not broken)

  • 3-4 heaping tbs each creamy peanut butter, pistachio cream and almond cream (I use the pisti brand for both the pistachio and almond cream)

  • 1/2 cup each melted milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate

  • 1-2 tbs each chopped peanuts, chopped pistachios and chopped roasted almonds

  • 1 tbs toasted coconut (shredded or smiles)


  1. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Place the pitted dates, cut side down, in a large rectangle shape. Place another piece of parchment on top and lightly flatten with a cup or rolling pin.

  2. Spread the peanut butter edge to edge on one third of the date bark. Spread the pistachio cream on the second third, and the almond cream on the last third. The whole thing should be covered in spreads.

  3. Pour the melted milk chocolate just over the peanut butter covered portion, and spread to completely conceal the peanut butter. Do the same thing with the white chocolate over the pistachio spread, and the dark chocolate over the almond spread.

  4. Over the milk chocolate portion, sprinkle on the peanuts. On the white chocolate portion, sprinkle on the pistachios. On the dark chocolate portion, sprinkle on the almonds and coconut. If there is any chocolate left over, drizzle it over the whole bark. Place in the fridge for 2 hours or until the chocolate has completely cooled.

  5. Once cooled and hardened, carefully peel the bark from the parchment paper and transfer to a cutting board. Cut or break into pieces, then serve immediately.


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